UPCOMING THEME: “Back to the Foodture”

Purchase your tickets for the upcoming “Back to the Foodture” Urban Eating League event happening in San Francisco on Saturday 11/9 from 4-10 pm.

Each ticket is $90 and grants admission for a team of three eaters – so the cost per person is $30. We’re selling the tickets in whole teams only to cut down on ticket fees and backend administrative work. Find two friends to round out your team of 3!

The Urban Eating League is a competitive dinner party in costume, which means there will be a prize for the best team of eaters, judged through costume and overall shtick.

A few very important notes:

  • This version’s theme is “Back to the Foodture” – that’s right, time travel. Please be inspired by any era in the history or future and/or the process of moving between them.
  • Traveling to each of the houses will be on foot. If you cannot walk 1/2 mile in 15 minutes then this is probably not a good event for you to participate in.
  • Each site is required to provide vegetarian options but we don’t ask the houses to provide vegan/gluten free fare or plan for various food allergies. Often, more specific diets can be navigated ad hoc, but YMMV.
  • This event is Rain or Shine.
  • We are willing to provide a refund up to 72 hours before the event. Within that window, the tickets are your responsibility to use.